Yogandha Oils

Yogandha oils are the gorgeous oils I use everyday for myself, during my classes and meditations.  The ritual of using fragrant oils to induce calming self-connection every day is an ancient yogic practice called Gandha, working on a deep level holistically – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Smell is the only sense that has a direct connection with primal brain and so using smell we can disrupt the neural pathways at their source and recallibrate the brain.  Some of the oils are calming, some more uplifting, all help to tone the nervous system.

Start your day using Yogandha wellbeing body oils in the shower or as a body oil. Yogandha Detox to cleanse, Yogandha Muscle Soothe to ease and soothe, Yogandha Relax to nourish and calm.

Have the 3 Yogandha rollerballs on hand all day – Yogandha Ground to calm, Yogandha Salute to energise, Yogandha Balance to recalibrate (I also find this useful for hormone balancing).

Apply Yogandha Ground rollerball an hour before bedtime, apply Yogandha Relax body oil just before bed- either all over or as a face oil. You can also enjoy the oil in a bath, steam inhalation , foot bath or oil burner.  Allow your breath to slow, feel yourself unwind, the oils are messaging your subconscious to sleep.

These beautiful oils are ethically produced, 100% Natural and Vegan, never tested on animals and made with love by beautiful souls in Ireland. 5% of the profits go to Women for Women International, a charity helping women all over the world affected by war and conflict to rebuild their lives and choose their own future.

I use Yogandha oils because I believe in the philosophy and ethos the company runs by, as part of my daily health care routine and because they are gorgeous as well!

You can purchase these beautiful oils direct from me and enjoy a customer discount, or via the link below from Yogandha.


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