Your baby is here and you are in need of a little rejuvenation! Up to four months after delivery, your body still
behaves as though it is pregnant, the 4th Trimester Healing Time is a 75 minute Massage & Reflexology treatment
specifically designed to help ease the transition for new mums.

This relaxing top to toe massage with organic oils helps realign and restore your body as it naturally
adapts and returns to being one person again. Labour is a wonderful experience but can be intense and massage can
help your body postnatally with any muscle tightness and back or pelvis issues.

Reflexology has a calming, harmonising and balancing effect upon the body.  It is a relaxing and enjoyable experience
and allows your body to adjust to the changes taking place. Postnatally reflexology may help assist the metabolism to
work more efficiently, rebalancing the hormones to avoid postnatal depression, helping to stimulate breast milk
and uterine contractions which help to get your figure back!

Together these treatments combine to make up the 4th Trimester Healing Time. Sometimes new mothers need a little
mothering too! This is your Healing Time – and you’ve earned it. A perfect present from your loved ones,
for baby showers or from yourself.

The 4th Trimester Healing Time is a 75 minute Massage & Reflexology treatment using organic oils and costs just £75.
I use Grace Organic Massage Wax and organic Rosehip Seed Oil with Vitamin A, scented with mandarin essential oil,
which assists with cell regeneration and has been used successfully to reduce and prevent stretch marks.