Fertility Reflexology

Getting help to get pregnant can be both stressful and expensive with private medicine only available to those who can afford it. Complementary therapy can provide help and support for only a fraction of the price. Complementary therapies work in a number of ways to enhance fertility. On a physical level they can tackle medical conditions that may be present. They are also excellent at reducing levels of stress.   Psychologically they can also help address the complex mental and emotional facts which may be affecting your fertility.

Fertility Reflexology uses techniques specifically designed to help couples have a better balance of health, bringing the body back into Harmony and Balance, and creating better conditions in which the the body may conceive.  Fertility Reflexology may be beneficial in improving outcomes, alleviating symptoms, and helping couples to improve their fertility.  I specialise in a holistic, natural approach to fertility preparation and combine with nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.  I believe Fertility Reflexology may assist by directing the flow of vital energy to where it is needed by balancing and restoring health and reducing the impact of stress. I treat the whole person and not the specific conditions. I can also support you on your journey though IVF, helping to relax and calm your mind .


Treatment lasts 60mins and costs £60 .  I use Grace Organic Massage Wax for your treatment along with a range of organic foot creams.