"instantly felt a relief from the pain…reflexology has made a difference to me physically and mentally"

After weeks of suffering from painful PGP I was advised about how reflexology could help with the  pain and discomfort. Even after my first initial treatment I instantly felt a relief from the pain later the same day when I was back home but still found at night time it was aggravated by turning over so by the next morning I was hobbling around again. I then visited Suzanne for the following 4 days for 15 mins each time whilst she worked on the specific point on my feet that related to the PGP.  There were days where if I’d been on my feet, it would flare up again and became painful but having the pressure applied to the points always relieved the pain even if just for a day or two and I was pleased to have it ease off if even just until the next day. I’ve since been having reflexology weekly focusing on the same points and I can’t believe how my PGP has improved…I’d go as far as to say its pretty much gone! Reflexology is definitely the reason for this and I am amazed at what Suzanne has done for me. Before I started treatment I was hobbling around, feeling fed up and couldn’t see how I could get through the rest of my pregnancy with the pain but it has given me a much more positive outlook for my remaining few weeks and I am finding the thought of lasting the full 40 weeks much more bearable as I don’t have to put up with the excruciating pain I had before and I am walking normally and can even abduct my hips with little to no pain…I will just need to take care not to put too much weight on them as this can bring the pain back.  I will definitely keep up the treatment and would recommend anyone suffering from the same thing to give reflexology a try as it really has made a difference to me physically and mentally.

CW, Hockley