Metamorphic Technique is a simple tool that enables us to move from feelings of limitation towards accessing more of our potential. In short, it helps us to help ourselves. It is wonderfully uplifting and suitable for all, from newborn to elderly, and can help with many ailments and complaints, including relationship problems, depression and stress, and trauma.

Metamorphic Technique is based around the theory that our time in the womb is when we establish the blueprint of our life. Any stresses or traumas experienced during this time may cause a specific pattern of behaviour. We may repeat this behaviour throughout our lives which may hold us back, making us feel ‘stuck’.

Metamorphic Technique acts as a catalyst to your Life Force which can transform whatever you feel may be holding you back., in a way that is always perfectly appropriate for you.

The client is fully clothed whilst the practitioner’s fingers perform a series of gently movements working along the spinal reflexes of the feet, hands and head. It is a deeply relaxing experience during which many people fall asleep, although some clients prefer to chat during the session – whichever you feel more comfortable with. It suits many clients because you don’t need to ‘fix’ anything or talk about issues during a session. The treatment lasts for 60 mins.

I trained in Metamorphic Technique with Dominique Mallee Meeroff who brings a heart centred approach to Metamorphic Technique and is a leading teacher and practitioner. Dominique was personally trained by Gaston St Pierre founder of The Metamorphic Association in 1979.

This treatment lasts for 60mins and costs £50.